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Opgave beskrivelse:

1) Hand in a paper (1- 2 pages) about A Bad Day for Baseball with answers for the questions in these two sections: - What happened? - Reading between the lines

Spørgsmål er:

  • When Masa first sees the planes, how does he know immediately that they are not US aircraft?
  • Why does his father think that they areUS planes?
  • Why does the boys’ motorbike nearly crash off the road?
  • Why doesn’t Masa seem to know how to use the rifle?
  • Why doesn’t Masa want to use the safety catch on his rifle?
  • Captain Smith doesn’t seem that confident about the boys’ ability to carry out their mission. Why?
  • Why, at the end of the story, does the white, haole, boy apologize to Masa?
  • How does the father react in the beginning of the story? Why does it seem to take him so long to figure out what is going on?
  • Why do you think Butchie stands there scowling (ser bister ud) when Captain Smith is giving his talk to the boys?
  • How would you compare the ways that Butchie and Masa deal with the situation? What is Butchie’s attitude to the situation?
  • Why do you think that Masa keeps on thinking about the baseball game that he is missing at different times during the day?
  • At the end of the story Masa says that his thoughts were ‘all mixed up’. Are there any other characters that also seem to be struggling to understand what is going on?
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